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RABBI DAVID AARON the son of a Holocaust survivor has struggled since early youth to understand the world's potential for hatred and paradoxical yearning for meaning, love and creativity. An astute visionary, prolific writer and invigorating educator, Rabbi Aaron received his Smicha from ITRI Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

He is the founder and dean of Isralight, an international organization with centers and programs in Israel and throughout North America, offering retreats, seminars, and workshops with a focus on Torah values and ideals.

RABBI SHLOMO ANTEBY was raised in Bensonhurst and later moved to Flatbush in Brooklyn. He attended Magen David Yeshiva, and continued his religious studies at Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim in Eretz Israel. He received his degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from City College of NY.

Rabbi Anteby gives multiple shiurim throughout the Metro New York area. His background in Mathematics and Science enables him to grasp complex concepts in Jewish Thought and explain them with great precision and clarity. His mastery in Penimius Hatorah is readily evident to all his Talmidim. He currently gives shiurim in Zohar and Kitvei Ari with an emphasis on the interpretations of the Rashash and Torat Chacham. The principle that guides his teaching is that the writings of the Ari are a vibrant, ever-changing whole, to be taken as a complete unit, and that one sugya or principle cannot impinge or disagree with another.

Rabbi Anteby lives in Brooklyn with his wife and children.

RABBI MORDECHAI BECHER, originally from Australia, is a Senior Lecturer for the Gateways Organization. Previously, he taught at Yeshivat Ohr Somayach, and Neve Yerushalayim College in Jerusalem. He was also a chaplain in the Israeli Defense Forces and served in the Armored Infantry.

Rabbi Becher is the author of 'GATEWAY TO JUDAISM: THE WHAT, HOW AND WHY OF JEWISH LIFE', and one of the developers of the software programs, Judaic Wizard and Where in Israel? Rabbi Becher received his Rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.

He has been a guest lecturer for U.J.A., the Jewish Federation and the Zionist Organization of America, and has lectured in Canada, the United States, England, Israel, South Africa, Australia and Russia. Rabbi Becher, resides with his wife Chavy and their six children in Passaic, New Jersey.

RABBI EPHRAIM GOLDSTEIN From his early years in Yeshiva in Los Angeles was recognized as a gifted student. He continued his learning at Yeshivas Ner Yisroel where he demonstrated an extraordinary Hasmoda - meriting to Mesayaim many Masektas in Shas. He continued his learning at BMG in Lakewood and in a prominent Kollel in Eretz Yisroel where he received his Smichah in Yoraih Dayah and Choshen Mishpat. Rabbi Goldstein studied Penimius Hatorah under the guidance of HaRav HaGoan Moshe Shatz. It was here that he refined his unique ability to take complex concepts in Jewish Thought and explain them with clarity and precision.

He currently resides with his wife and children in Boro Park where he is a Dayon on the prestigious Beis Din of Givas Hamorim. Rav Goldstein is also very involved with Habatzos HaTorah - playing an integral role in the creation of the Keser Torah Worldwide Phone Line and web site that has impacted the lives of thousands of Jews throughout the world.

RABBI DOVID GOTTLIEB Having received his Ph.D. in mathematical logic at Brandeis University, went on to become Professor of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University. Today he is a senior faculty member at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem. An accomplished author and lecturer, Rabbi Gottlieb has electrified audiences with his stimulating and energetic presentations on ethical and philosophical issues.

RABBI MECHEL HANDLER was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, and spend fifteen years of advanced study in Beis Medrash and Kollel Emek Halacha under the tutelage of Rav Tuvia Goldstein ZT"L, where he received Semicha. Rabbi Handler has served as director of Hatzalah, the well-known life saving organization, for more than twenty five years. He helped establish branches of Hatzalah in many Jewish communities throughout the world. Rabbi Handler is the author of Sefer Madrich L'Chevra Hatzalah which is a compilation of Halachos and Teshuvos relating to Pikuach Nefesh. The Sefer was printed by Feldheim Publishers and additional versions are about to go to print, including a Spanish translation.

After receiving Semicha, Rabbi Handler continued his studies under Rabbi Moshe Millstein Shlit"a at Kollel HoArizal, and also learned privately for two years under Hamekubal Rav Nissim Peretz Shlit"a. Over the years, Rabbi Handler has given several weekly Shiurim in Pinimiyus Hatorah and is about to publish Sefer Boruch Umevorach on the Kavanos of the Matbeia Bracha of the Reshash ZT"L.

RABBI SHMUEL IRONS was born in Los Angeles, California. He attended the Ner Israel Rabbinical College and completed his studies at Beth Medrash Govoha (Lakewood). In 1974, Rabbi Irons became co-founder and Rosh HaKollel (Dean) of the Kollel Institute of Greater Detroit, the first community Kollel in the United States, and a center of advanced Talmudic learning, outreach and adult education. In addition, Rabbi Irons is the chairman of the Board of Education of Yeshiva Beth Yehuda, Southfield, Michigan and a member of the Rabbinical Court of the Vaad HaRabbonim of Greater Detroit.

In his years of lecturing nationwide to audiences of Rabbis, scholars, attorneys, physicians, college students and professors, Rabbi Irons has spoken on topics as diverse as Life After Death, Torah and Science, Halacha and Medicine, Abortion, Assisted Suicide, Triage, and Jewish History, as well as traditional Talmudic themes. Recently, Rabbi Irons has spent much time researching and developing a unique approach in teaching Jewish history, using original Biblical, Talmudic and Midrashic sources as well as the works of Josephus and other contemporaneous sources. Originally delivered as a popular lecture series, Rabbi Irons has now made these lectures available through the Jewish Heritage Foundation.

LAWRENCE KELEMEN is a professor of education at Neve Yerushalayim College of Jewish Studies for Women in Jerusalem, where he also lectures in modern and medieval philosophy. Kelemen was awarded his undergraduate degree at U.C.L.A. and completed his graduate studies at Harvard. He began his professional career as a downhill skiing instructor, served as the news director and anchorman for a California radio station, and then traveled to the Middle East to conduct 12 years of post graduate field research.

For the past 5 years his weekend seminars have electrified parents, teachers, and university students across North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. Kelemen is also the author of Permission to Believe (1990) and Permission to Receive (1994). He is also the translator of the classical text of ancient pedagogical theory, Planting and Building (1999), which is a manual for raising healthy, well balanced children.

RABBI MENACHEM KRANZ grew up in Boro park where he attended Yeshiva Torah Vodath. He was immediately recognized by his Rabbeim and peers for his refined Middos, diligence in learning, and great love for Torah and Mitzvos. After Mesivta he continued his learning at Beis Medrash Zichron Meilich, upon getting married, Rabbi Kranz joined their prestigious kollel where he went on to excel in his learning for over 13 years.

Rabbi Kranz resides with his wife and family in Boro Park where he continues to fulfill his passion of Harbatzos HaTorah - giving shiurim in Kollel Beis Yitzchak and throughout the New York metro area.

RABBI SROY LEVITANSKY grew up in the West Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. After attending yeshivas in the United States and Israel, he received his Smicha from R' Zalman Nechemia Goldberg. He was in Israel when Dean of the St. Louis Kollel, called him in 1997 to be "part of his team" in St. Louis.

There he worked with pulpit rabbis, day schools and key leaders to determine how to best unite the resources of the Kollel with the community. Through his efforts, the landscape of the St. Louis community was permanently changed enabling Jews on every level the opportunity to learn Torah. Presently,Rabbi Levitansky has accepted a new position as the National Director for Community Development for Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, New Jersey.

RABBI AARON LOPIANSKY is Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Washington, and the author of numerous scholarly works, in both Hebrew and English. As a Maagid shiur, he focuses on hashkafa issues, delving into many of the fundamental concepts of Judaism that may have been glossed over in a traditional religious education.

Rav Lopiansky's breadth of knowledge on the widest array of topics in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol, make his shiurim all the more inspiring and fascinating. His lectures also address many of the numerous questions and challenges we face on a daily basis in the modern workplace.

RABBI NASAN MAIMON is Executive Director and lecturer for the Breslov World Center. He received his Semicha from, and teaches in the Yeshiva Chasssidai Breslov in Jerusalem. For the last 8 years Rabbi Maimon has been delivering classes and lectures in Talmud and Chassidic thought throughout the United States, Europe and Israel. As a Maagid Shiur, Rabbi Maimon is a highly skilled and gifted educator, proficient at explaining the depth and profundity of the Torah.

RABBI OELBAUM has been a leading force in Queens, NY, for the past thirty-three years, as Mora D'Asra of Khal Nachlas Yitzchok. He has influenced an entire generation with his deep Avodas Hashem, unbounded warmth, and calm reassuring personality.

Rabbi Oelbaum is the renowned author of many seforim on Sugios of Shas, Rambam - Hilchos Teshuva and Hagadah. Rabbi Oelbaum reaches out to everyone in the United States as a Maggid Shiur on Dial-A-Daf and Dial-A-Shiur. Yet, with this normally exhausting schedule, still finds time to help and lead his Kehillah with unbounded energy.

RABBI YOSSI PALTIEL, co-founder of Inside Judaism, is a popular teacher and mentor with a gift for communicating his passion for Torah and Judaism. His classes weave together classic commentaries, Jewish Law, history and philosophy, personal stories, and a deep knowledge of Chassidus and Kabbala into a whole that's both intellectually challenging and heartwarming. He currently teaches at Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim , Machon Chana, and at the Beis Midrash L'Nashim. He also gives lectures at many events in Brooklyn and travels to speak in Jewish communities throughout the country.

RABBI JONATHAN RIETTI - a descendant of the Sephardic leader the Ben Ish Chai and son of the famous British actor Robert Rietti, received his rabbinical diploma from Gateshead Talmudical College in England. He then went on to establish the now flourishing Kollel in Gibraltar, Spain. Having received a master's in education, he practiced for eighteen years as an educational consultant to parents of gifted children and those with ADD. With Montessori training, he has developed a curriculum which dovetails a Torah education with Montessori methodology.

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti has authored over twenty five lecture albums on topics including inner growth, health, parenting and Jewish identity, drawing upon his background in the film and advertising industries to entertain his listeners with powerful insights on love, happiness and 'emotional intelligence.' Rabbi Rietti currently lectures across the U.S. for the Gateways Seminar Program.

RABBI DR. AKIVA TATZ, South African born physician and author, lectures internationally on Jewish philosophy and Medical Ethics. He is also a senior lecturer for Ohr Samayach and Director of the Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum, for the purpose of teaching and promoting knowledge of Jewish medical ethics internationally.

His first book 'ANATOMY OF THE SEARCH', documents the personal, often dramatic stories of young men and women as they transition from a secular to observant lifestyle. His second book, 'LIVING INSPIRED' shows how an understanding of some of the deeper ideas and patterns of Torah thought can illuminate both everyday experiences and life ordeals. His third work, 'WORLDMASK', reveals some of the Torah's wisdom which reflects the duality of life, both within the world and beyond it.

RABBI EZRIEL TAUBER a holocaust survivor, businessman, and lecturer to Jews of all denominations, is equally known for his expert and practical advice on a variety of topics, especially concerning relationships and family matters. Drawing on his vast knowledge, treasure of personal stories and experience, Rabbi Tauber electrifies audiences from around the world. Rabbi Tauber has been the driving force behind several institutions which are dedicated to the dissemination of Torah values and ideals. As a Maagid Shiur he conveys a simple yet profound message - love for Torah and Mitzvos.

RABBI NOAH WEINBERG, ZT"L, was the renowned founder and Dean of Yeshiva Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem. A graduate of two prominent yeshivot in the United States - Chaim Berlin in New York and Ner Yisrael in Baltimore - Rabbi Weinberg founded or co-founded the two most famous yeshivot in Jerusalem for beginners, Ohr Somayach and Aish HaTorah.

Students of Rabbi Weinberg, who number in the thousands, say his teachings emphasize a close relationship with Hashem, as well as maximizing one's potential in this world through meaningful activities. His book "What the Angel Taught You" and his tape series "48 Ways to Wisdom" have gained great popularity throughout the Jewish world.

RABBI CHAIM ZWICK is a highly skilled, accomplished speaker and educator adept at articulating complex Torah concepts and showing how they impact everyday life. His wisdom, clarity, warmth and enthusiasm is readily apparent in all of his endeavors.

As the founder, Executive Director and driving force behind the KESER TORAH WORLDWIDE Phone Line and Website, his visionary leadership has been instrumental in helping thousands of Jews throughout the world renew their passion in their Avodas Hashem.

Finding his inspiration in the words of the Gedolai Tzaddikim, Rabbi Zwick is committed to perpetuating their vision and teachings. With over 5,000 inspirational shiurim and lectures, featuring works from many of Judaism's greatest luminaries, Keser Torah continues to profoundly impact Jews from all walks of life.

After learning in the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalim, he received his Semicha from HaRav Dov Schwartzman from Yeshivas Beis HaTalmid. Rabbi Zwick currently resides with his wife Channi and children in Cleveland Ohio.

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