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10 Plagues and the 10 Tests of Avraham

A Deep Understanding of Mechilah

A Deeper Look into the Kria Shema

Bamidbar - Korach the Makings of a Rebellion

Being Careful of What You Say

Beshalach - Az Yashir

Beshalach - The Song of the Sea

Coming Down from Har Sinai

Doing Repentance and Yom Kippur

Free Choice - Can I Change the World?

Going After Desires

How to Ask and Give Mechilah

Ki Tavo

Kria Shema - Bring Mercy and Judgement Together

Matzah Lightness to Dark, part 1

Matzah Lightness to Dark, part 2


Mishpatim - Helping Out the Enemy

Mishpatim - The Order of Elu Mishpatim

Mitzvah of Reading The Megillah

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