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Life Coaching


We are all living at a critical stage in human history. Compared to even ten years ago, today's challenges are of a complex, often overwhelming magnitude. More and more people are searching to fill an emptiness in a life lived with little purpose or meaning. This lack of happiness and fulfillment - this feeling that something is missing - has become a universal human experience.

The Jewish Heritage Foundation is an education and research institute committed to helping people achieve personal fulfillment and purpose, life balance and quality lasting relationships by focusing on the Torah's timeless recipe for personal growth and character development.

Since 2001, the Jewish Heritage Foundation has worked with individuals and organizations to effectively meet these challenges and help them to achieve their greatest potential as leaders and as human beings. We accomplish this by employing proven education models and communication tools that facilitate the enrichment of people's daily lives. As authorities in Torah psychology, we believe there are two elements which can produce extraordinary quality of life. These principles are:

  1. The Science of Achievement
  2. The Art of Fulfillment

It's important to keep in mind that success without fulfillment is, ultimately, failure, and achieving fulfillment is no easy task, it requires the integration of the whole person and an understanding of the psychology of human needs.

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