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Shiur 1: Introduction to Kabbalah

Shiur 2: Ein Sof - Sefiros Ein Keitz

Shiur 3: Ten Sefiros - Intro.

Shiur 4: Ten Sefiros - Structure

Shiur 5: Elokus

Shiur 6: Hashem vs. Hishtalshelus

Shiur 7: Absolute vs. Relative Reality

Shiur 8: Kabblah vs. Chassidus

Shiur 9: Nothing is as it appears

Shiur 10: The Insignificance of Creation, part 1

Shiur 11: The Insignificance of Creation, part 2

Shiur 12: Hishtalshelus

Shiur 13: Building Keilim - part #1

Shiur 14: Building Keilim - part #2

Shiur 15: Ohr and Tzimtzum - part #1

Shiur 16: Ohr and Tzimtzum - part #2

Shiur 17: Ohr, Revelation and Elokus

Shiur 18: Three Levels of Ein Sof

Shiur 19: Tzimtzum & Hishtalshelus

Shiur 20: Summary

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