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Personal Growth

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ADVERSITY - Rabbi Chaim Zwick

In every person's life, there comes a time of ultimate challenge - a time when every resource is tested. A time when life seems unfair. A time when our faith, our values, our patience, our compassion and our ability to persist, are all pushed to our limits and beyond. Some people use such tests as... Read More

REFRAMING YOUR LIFE - Rabbi & Mrs. Yehoshua Binyamin Falk

When G-d (Hashem) wants us to change, first He gives us an opportunity to do so on our own by providing specially directed means and methods and special days throughout the year in which we can examine our deeds, choose to make amends and alter our modes of behavior. Sometimes, when we have not... Read More


Nobody can eat popcorn all day long without getting bored. But money? All around people are getting swallowed up by their career. "I've got a million dollars, but I want 10 million." Why? Because money is a symbol of pleasure. It has the allure of promising everything. Read More

CELLPHONES - Rabbi & Mrs. Yehoshua Binyamin Falk

On January 4, 1954 six of the largest cigarette companies in the country and certain large tobacco growers got together and published "The Frank Statement" in the New York Times. In this full page ad they attempted to deflect growing concern with the health risks of smoking, announcing that they were aware... Read More

THE USE OF PHYSICAL PLEASURE - Rabbi Noach Weinberg, Z"tl

Did you ever begin a stimulating physical activity and then discover you somehow can't extricate yourself? You pick up a bag of potato chips, and start eating two, three, four, five. Before you know it you're at the bottom of the bag. You didn't really want any more, but you couldn't stop. You passed the point... Read More

AVOIDING SPIRITUAL CRASHES - Rabbi Yehoshua Binyamin Falk

As conceptualized by the futurists of the transportation industry, a synthesis between man's physical dexterity and his ingenuity is now being designed that will allow a far greater benefit for safety on the road. The next generation of cars is a case in point, as they will be able to act and react for the benefit of... Read More


A happy life? Isn't that what we all want? Presumably, everyone knows what happiness is - it's having everything you want, and since what you want costs money, it would follow that money is the key to happiness. So the happy person must be the one who earns the most money: the brilliant businessperson... Read More

THE DIET REVOLUTION - Rabbi Yehoshua Binyamin Falk

From Atkins to the Zone and everything in between, diet, nutrition and fitness are the all consuming topics of this generation. Countless hours are invested in trying to find that perfect combination of food, nutritional supplements and exercise. In the process, kitchens are transformed into mini-labs complete with scales... Read More


There are two schools of thought in the field of human development. They are called Personality Ethic and Character Ethic. Traditional coaching, self help and popular psychology focus on Personality Ethic. Success becomes a function of personality and public image, of attitudes and behaviors, and... Read More

THE BA'AL TESHUVA - Rabbi Moshe Einstadter

The days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are called the "10 Days of Teshuva." Teshuva literally means "return," for it is during this time that we perform great acts of introspection, examining the direction of our life -- and mapping a plan for improvement. Read More

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