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It is so powerful, it can make monkeys out of us. It can be dangerous to the point of wrecking families. That's why it's essential to be in control of it. Way 17 is b'miut derech eretz, a Hebrew idiom meaning to control intimate activity. The wise person knows how to control his drives - while harnessing that... Read More

UNIFIED VISION - Apisdorf & Braverman

Many of the obstacles that wound and even cripple a marriage are a direct result of a faulty definition of marriage. Today, marriage seems to be a kind of evolutionary accident. After a period of getting acquainted, dating and becoming romantically involved, comes the stage of restlessness. This is where... Read More

THE PURPOSE MARRIAGE - Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky

Commitment to creating an intimate marriage will facilitate mutual self-discovery and a life of meaningful fulfillment. We all know that marriage is difficult. Almost 50 percent of married couples in North America get divorced, which means that one in two couples must be so miserable, they give up. Of the couples that... Read More


The basic building block for marriage is love. The love you create will affect the health of your children, too. You will love someone whom you feel loves you. A child feels love when his parents care for him, and he'll naturally love them back. We feel love when someone demonstrates his or her care and gives to us. Read More

SOULMATES - Rabbi David Aaron

The problem is that the concept of a soul mate is very misunderstood these days. We seem to think that we can recognize our soul mates the moment we meet-love at first sight. A student once said to me, "Don't you think I would know my soul mate if I met her?" So I asked him, "Do you know yourself?" Read More


Know when to say "I do." Then the real work begins. A story in the Talmud says that centuries ago, when a young man would get married, people would ask him a curious question: "Have you found, or are you finding?" The questioner would then quote a verse, depending on the groom's answer. If the groom... Read More

THE IDEAL HELPMATE - Rabbi David Aaron

If we go back to the Torah's story of creation, we come upon a passage, after Adam has been created, where Hashem says: "It is not good for man to be alone." After every other act of creation we are told, "...and it was good." But suddenly, "it is not good"-"not good to be alone." Read More

ALSO LOVED - Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky

A wife needs to constantly feel that her husband loves her. Books, tapes, seminars. Everyone seems to have something to say about creating a successful marriage. In my seminar, here's how I summarize the key to a great marriage: The husband has to constantly make his wife feel that she is... Read More

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